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 How to motivate your workforce

Research shows that engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, customer­focused, safer and less likely to leave the organisation. In the best organisations, employee engagement transcends a human resources initiative; it is the way they do business. Employee engagement is a strategic approach supported by tactics for driving improvement and change. The best performing companies know that developing an employee engagement strategy and linking it the achievement of corporate goals will help them win in the marketplace. Most firms want to motivate their employees, although not all of them do so at all effectively. There are various ways to go about it; from who you hire, to how you remunerate them, what perks they receive, to the sort of work/communication you pass on.We all have different views on what does and what doesn’t work and these vary with our culture and the effort we make to understand the issue of engagement within our firm. There is a definite financial impact in creating an engaged and motivated workforce, because:­

 How to be more interesting

Do you long to become a "thought leader", thinkfluencing your way from TED talk to tech conference, lauded for your insights? I hope not. But if so, you could do worse than consulta paper published in 1971 by the maverick sociologist Murray Davis, entitled "That's Interesting!" (I found it via Adam Grant.) What is it, Davis asks, that makes certain thinkers – Marx, Freud, Nietzsche – legendary? "It has long been thought that a theorist is considered great because his theories are true," he writes, "but this is false. A theorist is considered great, not because his theories are true, but because they are interesting." Even in the world of academia, most people aren't motivated by the truth. What they want, above all, is not to be bored. Forty-three years on, this feels truer than ever. We live in the Era of Interestingness: attention is money, and purveyors of the interesting can make millions from Twitter feeds of amazing facts – even if they're not always true facts – or from books or blogs offering intriguingly counterintuitive perspectives.

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